Q4OpenData - Query for OpenData

There was a requirement for a name so here it is! This Service is now being called as Q4OpenData! It also has easier address as you can reach the service from q4.fi

Free Power Query (M) generator for Statistical OpenDATA from PXWeb

This Service generates Power Query (M) script for you to use with your Power BI / Excel report. Service generates scripts from different public PXWeb OpenData sources. New sources will be added all the time. Please understand that this data is published by government and publicly available. I have not personally gathered or created these datasets.

PXWeb is very common tool for governments to publish official statistics. This tool provides you an easy way to browse that information and finally import to your own Power BI Report!

To get instructions for the service you can read my Blog post from: https://www.qumio.com/Blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=46

I hope you enjoy analysing the data!

Vesa Tikkanen